In the waning days of Eileen’s illness, for which she was taking two prescription drugs, the following conversation ensued.

Eileen:  Guess what!

Tim:  What?

Eileen:  I just shit out a pill.

Tim:  Which one?

Eileen:  I don’t know.  They both look the same.  But it was definitely one of them.

Tim:  How is that possible? Was it a suppository?  Did you stick it up your ass?

Eileen:  No.  I swallowed it.  Apparently my body didn’t want it.

Tim:  Didn’t want it?  That pill was two dollars.  You go up there and clean it off and take it again.

Eileen:  (silent, laughing)

Tim:  I’m serious.

Eileen:  It was completely intact.

Tim:  Did you shit logs?

Eileen:  No.

Tim:  You shit a pile?

Eileen:  Yeah.

Tim:  And it was on the top of the pile?

Eileen:  Yeah, it was light brown.

Tim:  (silence)

Eileen: It was lighter brown than the rest of the shit.  But it was definitely a pill.

Tim:  Oh my God.  That’s some funny shit. We gotta blog this.